What is parental control and how it is work to control other users.

What is parental control?
You can use Parental Controls to help manage how your children use the computer. For example, you can set limits on the hours that your children can use the computer, the types of games they can play, and the programs they can run.
When Parental Controls blocks access to a game or program, a notification is displayed that the program has been blocked. Your child can click a link in the notification to request permission for access to that game or program. You can allow access by entering your account information.

To set up Parental Controls for your child, you'll need your own administrator user account. Before you get started, make sure each child that you want to set up Parental Controls for has a standard user account. Parental Controls can be applied only to standard user accounts .

How to configure Parental control in our computer ?:----
See step by step and follow them

Step (1):-- Firstly click on start menu .

Step (2):-- After that click on Control panel option .                                                                

Step(3):-- Here a new window is open in front of you now you click on                             
set up parental controls for any users .                                                

Step(4):-- Then select a standard user in which you want to configure parental

Step(5):-- There are a new window is open in front of you. now you click in on
option then click on time limits option.              

Step(6):-- Now a new window is open in front of you.                                         

Step(7):-- here you click and drag the hours you want to block . 
                    Step(8):-- after that you click on ok option  and again click on ok

                  .                                                           follow better tricks