How to make virtual memory(virtual Ram)

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                      Now we discuss how to make virtual memory or Ram to faster your follow this steps and make your pc faster.

         Step 1):- Right click on my computer and also  click on properties  .

Step 2):-   Then click on  advanced system settings .          

Step 3):-- After that a new window is open in front of you.                                  
Then you click on Setting option.see in image .

         Step 4):-- now a new window is open in front of you. you click on  advanced option here.

Step 5):-- Then click on Change option .                                                                               

Step 6):-- After that give virtual memory size that you want to do.                             

Step 7):-- Then click on set button .                                                                                 

Step 8):-- now click on Ok option .                                                                                       

Step 9):--  after that a new little window is open in front of you .                               
now you click on Ok option.                                                        

Now your computer is automatically restart .
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