How to set password in BIOS to secure your system .

Hello friends,,How are you?,,,,I'm your friend prateek and this Tutorial we 
discuss ,How to setup password in BIOS to secure your computer .
See step by step and follow them :------

Step (1):--  Restart  your computer .

Step (2):--  On The  Restarting  process press Keystrokes Like- F2,Del etc,
   Its depending on your BIOS manufacturers .when you press keystrokes
   Then a window is appears .

Step (3):--  Then two option in appears in front of you,set user password and  
                        set supervisor password. If you want to set user password you can click 
     on  set user password other than click on set supervisor password . after giving 
              password  you must to press F10  for save password and exit from BIOS .                                               

 Note:--     Now any persion or you want to go BIOS ,BIOS ask you to password 
of  BIOS ,,LIke that:----                                                                                 

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