How to set up Bitlocker to secure your drive

What is Bitlocker ?

Bitlocker is a feature of windows vista,windows 7(enterprise,ultimate) and later versions .Bitlocker that encrypts the Disk drive not your data.It provide security to our data from unauthorized access from other users.It is also known as secure startup and device encryption.

Now we learn how to set up bitlocker to our computer ,,see step by step and follow them.

                    Step 1):-- Firstly click on Start menu .see below.....

Step 2):-- After that click on Control panel .                                 

Step 3):-- A new window is open in front of you .now you click on
that arrow which is under in Red circle.

Step 4):-- After that click on all control panel Items .    

Step 5):-- After that click on BitLocker Drive encryption  option.

step 6):--  now select a Drive which you want to secure 
and click on Turn on BitLocker option .see below...

Step 7):-- Now a new window is open in front of you,
here you click on check box which is under the Red circle .

Step 8):-- Now give a password at least 8 character long . like this

Step 9):-- After that click on Next option .         

Step 10):-- Now a new window is open in front of you,
then you click on save the recovery key to a file option .

Step 11):-- Now save Bitlocker recovery key in any other driv
or pendrive .and click on save option .it is very useful in the 
                          condition when you loss your bitlocker password to unlock Drive.                


Step 12):-- Now click on Next option Again .

Step 13):-- Now click on Start Encrypting option .

Now Encryping process is running automatically,,,
and you waiting at least 1 to 2 hours . 

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