how to remove or delete folder from desktop by command prompt

There are easy way to delete folder from desktop by command prompt,,,,follow steps ,,,,,,,,

                            Step(1):-- Firstly click on start menu .

    Step(2):-- After that click on Run .                                      

A new window is open in front of you,,see below image"

   Step(3):-- now you type cmd in text bar and press "Enter" button ,,,,see below image .

""a cmd.exe window is open here,,,like that.""

Step(4):-- After that type cd  desktop on command prompt and press "Enter" .
here give space between cd and desktop.                            

       Step(5):-- Then give another command on command prompt that is rmdir prateek and                       press "Enter"  where prateek is a folder name,,and give space between rmdir and folder name .                                                                                                       

""Congratulation the folder is deleted successfully""
see below,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,