how to create password in user account

       There are easy way to create password in user Account,,,,,,,,,,,,,,see step by step.....

                       Step(1):-- Firstly click on Start menu .

Step(2):-- Then click on Control panel  option .                             

Step(3):-- now click on This aero which is under red circle .     

Step(4):-- now click on user accounts and family safety .         

Step(5):-- now click on Add or remove user account .             

Step(6):-- now click on account .like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,                 

Step(7):-- now click on  create a password  .                        

                              Step(8):-- Now type a new password and then confirm password(means retype same password).

Step(9):-- Then click on Create password .               

..password is set in your account..