how to create partition or volume of hard disk

There are easy steps to create new partition of hard disk,,follow this steps:-----

Step(1):-- right click on My computer then click on Manage .

Step(2):-- Then click on Disk management  see below........                                                      

Step(3):-- then  show the disk drives,,we are right click on the drive and then click on  
 new simple volume,,show below  image                                                                                 

Step(4):-- after that a new window is open then click on Next button                                         

Step(5):-- after that give the size of partition and click on Next button.                                          

Step(6):-- then select any character A-Z and click on Next button.                                               


Step(7):-- then again click on Next button .                                                                                    

Step(8):-- Then click on Finish button .                                                                                           

 ""Congratulation"" Now your process is completed,,your partition is ready show in figure.......

""Thanks visit again""